Epic Privacy Browser : Chromium Based Browser Focuses on Privacy and Security

Epic Privacy Browser is a Chromium based web browser that offer enhanced security and privacy related features. Since it is based on the popular Chromium browser, it looks just like the Chrome web browser. As far as user interface is concerned, nothing much has been modified. But they have changed the internal code to add all those privacy and security features.

Epic Privacy Browser used an in-built VPN proxy and all of your internet traffic is routed through it. Even the DNS requests are routed through this encrypted VPN. This shields all the web browsing activity from your ISP or any other organization that provided you the internet access.

Epic Privacy Browser deletes all of your web browsing data after each browser session. This means as soon as you close the Epic Privacy Browser window, it will delete all the cookies, databases, history, pepper flash data, preferences, indexed database, DNS cache, extension data, login data, local storage, visited links, Windows jumplist icon data and more. You do not have to manually erase all the privacy data and this takes one headache away from you.

Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy Browseris based on the Chromium code but it has disabled some features to enhance the privacy. It does not save history, it does not spell-check what you are typing, it does not save passwords, it does not store DNS or web caches, it does not auto-suggest URLs, it does not store third-party cookies, it does not display alternate error pages and more. All these features are disabled to avoid your browsing habits from being tracked by third-party servers.

While all these features do provide very comprehensive privacy protection, it can also break some sites and you might notice that some sites are either taking too long to load or they are stuck at loading. We tried loading a popular online game site and this browser froze while Chrome browser had no problem loading it.

You can download Epic Privacy Browser from https://epicbrowser.com/.