Generate Custom Background Images for Desktop Wallpapers

The first thing we see on any desktop computer is the desktop background image. If you are using a Windows computer then you can either select the stock images for these backgrounds or you can download more desktop backgrounds from the internet. Some people also capture their own photographs and use them as desktop backgrounds, for example, the photos of your spouse, kids or even pets.

But if you want some really nice looking ad unique abstract backgrounds, then you can generate them yourself using a web app called Background Generator. It is free and can be used by anyone including the beginners for generating their own wallpapers. This tool can create background of 4K resolution.

In this tool, you can choose a resolution of the image needed and it allows you to select it for various devices. You can pick a category of the image – colorful, graphics, galaxy, changing light, poly, dreamy or bars. For each of these categories, you can set various options such as color, objects, graphics and even add your custom text. For text, there are many text effects, fonts, colors and other settings available. Then you can simply hit the Generate button.

Background Generator

Depending on the category and options chosen, it will generate a random and unique image that can be downloaded to your computer and used for anything. In case of the changing light category, it displays a dynamically changing image that you can pause and save the paised frame as an image file. The downloaded image is in JPG or PNG formats which are supported on all platforms without requiring any special software.

Background Generator web app can be used to generate nice looking abstract images that serve very well as desktop backgrounds and also other things such as social network account backgrounds, posters, articles, PowerPoint slides and more.

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