GoG Giveaway : Metroidvania Game “Mable & The Wood”

Because of what is happening all over the world, school kids are forced to spend their days at home. If kids do not have anything to work with, they get restless or extremely bored. Fortunately, all the game distributors understand the situation and are providing some giveaways and alleviating the problem of their already worried parents a little.

So this weekend, GoG.com is giving away an action, adventure game called “Mable & The Wood”. This game takes you to a dying world where dwell some of the very scary and big beasts. Obviously, you have to fight with these nightmarish creatures. But that’s not all, you can shape-shift into the beasts that you have just destroyed so that you can acquire all their powers which would help you to destroy even more beasts.

This game is very very flexible and allows you to follow many paths. You can either destroy the beasts or totally avoid destroying them and choose the path of the least resistance. You can clear the game levels even if you avoid destroying the final big beast. Similarly, you can either destroy the world or save the world – it is all up to you.

Mable & The Wood

Perhaps there is also a hidden message in this game since it does not allow you to destroy anything in your human form. You must shape-shift into a beast before you can destroy. A subtle hint that as human beings we should not engage in any destructive activities and we have to leave our humanity in order to become destructive and cause any damage.

“Mable & The Wood” works on Windows and Linux. It has very modest requirements and can easily run on any computer manufactured in last 10 years. And as with all the GoG games, it is DRM free and can be installed and used on any PC you own.

You can visit https://www.gog.com/game/mable_the_wood to claim an absolutely free copy of the metroidvania game “Mable & The Wood”. The giveaway will last until 2 PM UTC on March 22nd, 2020.