How to Remove Red Eyes in Photos with FastStone Image Viewer

People who have light colored eyes often get red eyes when their pictures are taken and the flash is fired in the camera. This red eye effect comes into play when the flash light is reflected by the retina of a subject’s eyes and it is relatively dark in the surroundings.

You do not have to buy an expensive software to fix the red eyes in your pictures, neither you have to pay some experts for editing your pictures for red eyes removal. You can do it all by yourself using FastStone Image Viewer which is completely free.

Here is how you can remove red eyes from your pictures with FastStone Image Viewer:

  1. Download and install FastStone Image Viewer from if you have not already done so.
  2. Launch FastStone Image Viewer and select your picture that you want to work with in its image explorer (right side pane). A small preview of the selected image will be displayed in the left side.
  3. From the menubar select Edit → Red Eye Removal.FastStone Red Eyes Removal
  4. It will launch the Red Eye removal window in which you have to select the red part of the eye using a oval selection tool.
  5. After selecting the red eye portion, click on the Remove Red-Eye button. FastStone Red Eyes Removal
  6. Repeat the same steps for both eyes to remove red eye from both the eyes. Then you can click on the OK button to close the Red Eye Removal tool window.FastStone Red Eyes Removal
  7. Save the edited picture in the FastStone Image Viewer window by press the hotkey Ctrl+S or by clicking on the Save icon in the toolbar.

FastStone Image Viewer allows you to easily remove the red eyes from your pictures. It can also be used to edit your images, resize, crop or add effects. It can also be used as your default image viewer in Windows since it supports hundreds of image file types and also digital cameras.