How to Trim Silence from Start and End of WAV Audio Files

WavTrim is an automatic audio file trimmer for Windows. It supports cleaning the silent space from the beginning and the ending of the WAV audio files. We can use this small portable tool to quickly trim WAV files. It is useful for trimming WAV files after you have extracted audio tracks from an audio CD, have made an audio recording from your microphone or have recorded a radio show. In all these cases, some empty space (silence) is stuck in the start or near the end of the WAV file. With the help of WavTrim you can quickly remove the silence and make the WAV file smaller.

WavTrim is a portable and small tool that works without depending on any other external tools. After launching this tool, you can click on Start in the menubar and then select all the WAV files that you want to trim. As soon as you select the WAV files, they will be trimmed automatically. There is no backup saved for the original WAV files, so making a backup of your WAV files before processing them in WavTrim is entirely up to the user.


In the options for WavTrim, you can choose for how many seconds it should seek the silence near the beginning and the ending of the WAV file. You can also normalize the audio level of the WAV files, and even add silence if needed. You can pick a method of detecting the silence – digital or analog.


WavTrim is great for trimming the WAV files before converting them into MP3 files. It not only removes the extra time before a track begins but it also makes the audio files relatively smaller in size. It works really fast and can process hundreds of WAV files in a few seconds.

You can download WavTrim from