Record Audio to MP3 with Microncode Audio Recorder

There are many reasons why you would want to record audio on your Windows PC – perhaps you are trying to publish your podcast or you are just trying out a new microphone. For recording sound in Windows, you can use a tool like Microncode Audio Recorder that makes things a little easier because of its simple user interface.

Unlike some other tools like GoldWave or Audacity, Microncode Audio Recorder keeps things to the very basic level – hit the record button to record the audio and stop to stop recording. All the recordings are automatically saved as MP3 files saving you from the laborious tasks of converting audio files from one format to another. Things cannot be any simpler for a beginner user.

While Microncode Audio Recorder offers a very easy to use interface, it does not mean that it has no options or features to configure. You can definitely change the source of the audio that you want to record, you can change the recording mode (WasapiLoopback, WasapiLoopbackCapture or Linein), the format in which recordings are saved (MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, MP2, APE, ACM, ACE), and the quality of recording.

Microncode Audio Recorder

It even has a feature that can be used to make it automatically start recording the audio when any noise is detected and automatically stop the recording when there is no noise being detected. This is great if you want to record only when there is some signal in the microphone, i.e., when you are speaking and not to record when you are silent. It waits for 5 seconds before stopping to record after silence is detected.

Microncode Audio Recorder is free for personal use and can record really high quality MP3 files. It is a great tool to have for all the podcast enthusiasts. For commercial use, you need a license from Microncode.

You can download Microncode Audio Recorder from