Record Sound from Any Source with WaveMax Free Sound Recorder

WaveMax Free Sound Recorder is a freeware application for recording sound from all sort of sources in Windows. It can record sound coming from your microphone, sound being played through a media player, sound coming from an online radio or podcast, sound coming through the Line-In port or any other sound. It can save the recordings in many popular formats like MP3, OGG, WAV or WMA.

In its compact user interface, you can see all the controls you would need for recording the sound or playing back already recorded audio files. It uses the default recording device set in Windows sound settings as the source and you must change Windows settings in order to set the right source. The sound level indicator in the interface of WaveMax Free Sound Recorder shows the decibel level of the sound coming from the source.

You can start recording the sound by clicking on the record button. Clicking on the stop button will stop the recording of the sound. Similarly, you can play the recordings from the list using the play button. For all of these actions, it also provides hotkeys which can be configured from the options.

WaveMax Free Sound Recorder

If you want to record a podcast that is broadcasted at a specific time, you can use the scheduling feature of WaveMax Free Sound Recorder to make it automatically start and stop the recording at a specific date and time. This way you will never miss your favorite podcast or other shows. Similarly, you can use it to record the audio stream of livestream.

WaveMax Free Sound Recorder helps you record sound from any source in your Windows PC. It has a very easy-to-use user interface that needs no explanation and any beginner can start recording sound using it in seconds.

You can download WaveMax Free Sound Recorder from


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