Recover Lost Data in Windows with Zero Assumption Recovery (ZAR)

In these days of uncertainty, you cannot trust any local storage device to last forever. Sooner or later all devices fail for one reason or another. Even the finest hard disk drives that you just ordered from Amazon will not keep working for decades. This is why all the computer experts give the sound advice of always keeping backups of your important files.

But what if you forgot to backup your files? In that case, you must find a way to recover your lost data from the storage devices themselves. Data recovery software like Zero Assumption Recovery (ZAR) can help you quickly recover deleted files or even lost partitions in a matter of minutes.

ZAR is very advanced and thorough data recovery software. In its demo version, you can recover lost pictures that are usually stored on your microSD cards or USB pendrives. But it also allows you to scan and recover all other kinds of files, lost or missing partitions, RAID arrays, and even disk image files. It supports all the mainstream filesystems like FAT, NTFS, ext2, ext3, ext4, XFS and more.

Zero Assumption Recovery (ZAR)

During the scanning, it goes through every single sector of your hard drive and finds all the possible data there is to be recovered. The process is slow but it finds all of the deleted files that were deleted and the data of which still exist on your hard drive.

Some hard drives that have physical damage and might have bad sectors. ZAR can scan even the hard drives that contain bad sectors. It tries to read such bad sectors and upon failure it moves on to read next sectors. This way, it can read and recover data even from the damaged hard drives.

Zero Assumption Recovery (ZAR)

Compared to similar tools like Recuva, ZAR seems to take a lot longer to scan and find the deleted files. But this is because it performs deep scanning of all the target storage devices. For actually recovering files and missing partitions, you have to buy a license key.

You can download Zero Assumption Recovery (ZAR) from