digiCamControl : Control Digital Cameras from Windows PC

Almost everyone who wants to make Youtube video starts with their smartphone camera. Even cheaper Android smartphones have good enough camera quality. And if you own an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy then you are already close to becoming a professional. But sooner or later, all successful Youtubers switch to expensive professional cameras like Sony EOS, Canon G9 or affordable action cameras like Xiaomi Yi. These cameras can be controlled from your smartphone but now you can control them from your desktop computer too using digiCamControl.

It is an open-source software that can be used to control your camera from the comfort of your Windows PC. Unfortunately it does not work with all the cameras but it does work with some of the most popular cameras from many different manufacturers like Nikon, Sony, Canon,

It can establish a connection between your PC and your camera through a simple USB data cable or even wirelessly over WiFI (if the camera supports WiFi). Once connection is established, you can control virtually everything on your camera through your PC. You can change the camera settings, you can snap pictures or record videos through digiCamControl. You can go around taking pictures with your camera and they will appear on your PC screen instantly.


Depending on the model of the camera, it will show you different settings that can be controlled for that camera. For example, you can change the ISO level, white balance, exposure, shutter speed, aperture size and so on from digiCamControl.


It also features a live video mode where it can display the camera livestream on your desktop. This is helpful when you are about to start a photoshoot session as you can see on your large desktop PC screen how everything looks – white balance, exposure, light and so on. It can also be used as a webcam in other applications. With this trick, you can use your high resolution camera as webcam for Skype or Twitch sessions.

digiCamControl is certainly a must have software for all the photographers whether amateur or professional. It is not very complicated to use and offers a wealth of features often desired in any camera management software. Only down side is that it does not support all the cameras – you have to buy one of those high-end digital cameras for this.

You can download digiCamControl from http://digicamcontrol.com/.