Epic Games Store Giveaway : Just Cause 4

Epic Games Store is giving away another action adventure game and this time it is Just Cause 4. This action packed open-world game was released in 2018 for the very first time. The game takes you into a strange world of Solis. This fictional South American country Solis is where all the action begins. You play the protagonist Rico Rodriguez a rogue agent from the United States. He visits Solis in order to find the truth about his past and save the world from bad people.

The game might remind you of a good action movie from the James Bond or Jason Bourne series. In the start of the game, you are contacted by a young lady named Mira Morales from Solis. She has some secret information about an underground project that is being built in Solis and which is capable of controlling global weather. Once they finish the project, the whole world will be at the mercy of the dictator of Solis, Oscar Espinosa.

Just Cause 4

So our brave protagonist cannot refuse and has to visit Solis for the last time. As soon as he lands there, he forms an army with Mira Morales and some other people. They are going to take on the bad guys who control Solis and save this planet from the evil plans they have been hatching all along.

The game is open-world and allows you to explore everything around you. Unfortunately, it is a single player game and you have to team up with AI characters for your army. For enjoying this game, you are going to need a powerful gaming computer having 16 GB of RAM, intel Core i7 3.4 GHz, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 with 6GB VRAM. Do not even try to run it on a computer with lower hardware configuration.

In order to claim your free copy of Just Cause 4, you can visit Epic Games store website at https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/just-cause-4/standard-edition.