Share Screen with Anyone Using CrankWheel for Chrome

CrankWheel is a Chrome extension that helps you quickly share your screen with anyone through a browser link. You can share only part of a web browser tab or the entire computer screen. Since the sharing is done through a third party website, it works on all the devices that have a standard web browser. CrankWheel needs to be installed only in the Chrome browser of the person who is sharing their screen, but not on the people who are viewing the screen.

After installing the CrankWheel extension in your Chrome web browser, you have to create a user account with CrankWheel (it will automatically take you through the account creation steps) before you can start using it. Once the registration is done and you have signed in to your account, you can click on the CrankWheel icon to open the small window from where you can choose the options for screen sharing.


Basically, you can choose to share any open tab from your Chrome browser or full-screen sharing. You can also choose to share the window of a specific program. Depending on your selection, you may have to choose the tab or program window that you want to capture and share. It is not screen capture or screen shot, it is going to record live screen activity and share it with other.


You will be shown a preview window of the objects or full-screen that you have selected to share with others. If you confirm to share it, then you can click on the “Share” button and it will begin generating the related links. These are unique links that are valid as long as you continue to share your screen.


The CrankWheel options window will now have more options using which you can share the links with your customers, students, friends or whoever wants to view your screen. Among these are SMS text message, email messages and copy-pasting the URL directly.


As viewers join in to your livestream, you can choose to allow them or disallow them. This gives you complete control over who is viewing your screen and who is banned from viewing it.

CrankWheel is geared towards marketers and business owners who want to promote their products, take part in a meeting or give an online demo. It is free for using only 15 times per month but after that you have to buy a subscription.

You can get CrankWheel extension for Chrome browser from

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