LMT Anti Logger : Blocks Spying or Logging of All Sorts in Windows

One of the perils that we all face when using our computers today is the possibility of getting infected with spyware that actually spies on the users through the webcam or the microphone built inside the computers. This is perhaps why even Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, was once spotted with a black tape over his laptop’s webcam. And this is not the only way spyware or malicious software can monitor our daily activities, some of them can log our keystrokes or capture the screenshots as we are busy using online banking or shopping online.

The first two layers of defense against any such spyware is an always updated operating system and a very good antivirus software (for example from ESET or Bitdefender) installed on your system. But for extra protection, you can also try a freeware like LMT Anti Logger. This small program can thwart the attempts to log your activities or spy on you through your webcam or microphone.

LMT Anti Logger

Once installed on your system, you can launch it and choose all the different types of protection that it provides – registry guard, microphone guard, disable webcam, browser password protection, anti screenlogger, anti keylogger and anti clipboard logger. For best protection, these all should be enabled but they may cause problem with the normal working of many applications or websites.

It comes with a password manager of its own in which you can store your username, password, website URL and other such information. You have to manually type in the information and there is no strong password generator provided by LMT Anti Logger. Similarly, it provides a secure folder that can contain your personal or private files accessible only after supplying the correct password.

LMT Anti Logger uses AI to detect spyware or logging activities. It does provide an additional layer of security but is not a full security product. You must install a good antivirus software on your PC for full protection.

You can download LMT Anti Logger from https://leminhthanh1998.github.io/lmt-anti-logger/index-en.html.

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  1. have tried to install this 7 or 8 times but windows 10 WILL NOT allow the program to install. something about an unverified publisher. I even disabled all the windows security features that should be involved, but no joy.

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