TaskInfo : Advanced Task Manager and System Info Utility for Windows

TaskInfo is an advanced task manager for Windows that not only offers the features of the Windows Task Manager but adds some of its own features in addition to some of the system information tools. It is small application that does not put any stress on your system while displaying a wealth of information about the processes running in the background and memory utilization. It even places an icon in the notification area of the Windows taskbar from where you can access almost all of its features.

TaskInfo shows so much information about your system that it might overwhelm you at first. There are many columns, graphs and other sections that keep displaying dynamically updated information. it shows all the processes being run on your system. You can right-click on any of these processes to view the context-menu from where you can select options like terminate the process or pause the task.


In the window of TaskInfo, you can see lots of graphs that display useful information such as virtual memory, RAM usage, swap file usage, file I/O access, client or server access, network usage (TCP/IP), CPU usage and more. Other than the graphs, it also shows tabs for all of these values from where you can find much more detailed information.

You can find many useful tools from under the “Tools” menu. These same tools can be accessed by right-clicking on the notification area icon. From here you can choose to free RAM fast, free RAM slow, clear clipboard, shut down system, reboot system, forcibly shutdown system, forcibly reboot, logoff, put the computer in the standby mode, or lock the computer.


TaskInfo is a really comprehensive and powerful task manager and displays all the information in realtime. It has all the tools to monitor the system and find out all about the hidden processes.

You can download TaskInfo from http://www.iarsn.com/taskinfo.html.