Tockler Tracks Application Usage and Time Consumed

So even after at the end of a work day, if you are not getting anything done then you have to start wondering whether you are properly investing your time during the working hours. A manager can investigate the working hours and how they are being used for other employees. But for freelancers or self employed individuals it becomes very hard to keep track of time. They can use a smart application like Tockler that can certainly help them track their time used on their computer. It can monitor which applications are you are actively using and for how long. It even saves a log of all of your activities.

Tockler does not display the results immediately for the obvious reason. It has to track your computer usage for a few hours before it can display some sort of data. The information that it displays after regular monitoring includes the applications that you have been using, the online time and all the summaries for all the logs. The information is displayed using circular pie charts that show which applications were being used and how long you were online. The graphical charts become more interesting as time passes by.


Tockler also displays you information in form of a tabular list. In this list you can see application, title, the time when you began using that application and the time when you switched to something else. It also includes the total time duration for which that application was used. In order to make it easy for you to spot an application, it displays the title of the window for that application in the logs.

Tockler is open-source and designed using Electron which means it will work in Windows, macOS and LInux. It is a small application that does not consume much of the system resources and is going to be quite useful for all the hard working individuals who want to make the most of their time.

You can download Tockler from