Broken Event Terminator : Quickly End Any Process in Windows

There are many ways of terminating processes in any operating system. Windows also offers many different tools to kill or end the running programs or processes. The easiest way offered by Microsoft is through the Task Manager which can be invoked through the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+Esc. In the Task Manager, you can select any process and then click on the End button to terminate it.

Then there are some of the good old fashioned command line interface tools like TaskKill. For this, you have to first launch cmd.exe and then use the command taskkill.exe. This command gives you many options to select and kill the processes. For example in order to kill firefox.exe, you can use command – taskkill /f /im firefox.exe.

But these various methods may not be quick enough for some users and may take a few seconds more than one would want. For the people who want a really fast process terminator, they can use a third-party freeware tool like Broken Event Terminator. This tool offers no other features but a simple method to kill the running processes running on your PC.

Broken Event Terminator

After installing Broken Event Terminator on your computer, you can quickly launch it using its hotkey Ctrl+Alt+T which has to be enabled during the installation setup. It will display all the processes running on your PC, and you have to select one of them. You can select multiple processes too by using the Shift and Ctrl keys in the same manner you would select multiple files in the File Explorer. Clicking on the OK button will make an attempt to terminate the selected processes.

BrokenEvent Terminator is a tool for instant killing of active processes in Windows. It has no fancy user interface but offers the core feature you would expect from a process terminator application.

You can download Broken Event Terminator from