Convert HTML Files into EXE with SiteInFile Compiler

HTML files are used for creating websites but they are so easy to create and provide so much flexibility that many people use them all the time for a number of things like creating help files and e-books. But when it comes to distributing your HTML based creations, it is not very easy as you have to distribute multiple files including all the HTML files and all the scripts, stylesheets or media included with that HTML project or site.

In order to make things a little bit easier, you can pack the entire HTML project into an EXE executable file and then distribute this single EXE file. It is much cleaner and easier than distributing multiple HTML files along with all the types of files used inside the HTML files.

SiteInFile Compiler

For converting a single HTML file or an HTML project containing multiple pages, you can use SiteInFile Compiler. It offers a wizard like interface which takes you from one step to another and finally creates the EXE file. During the whole process, you have to select the source folder containing HTML files and choose whether you want to add a custom icon to the resulting EXE file.

SiteInFile Compiler

You can also choose whether you want password protection or expiry date for the EXE, compression level for the media being included, and whether links to other included EXE files are directly executed. The resulting file is saved in the same folder as the source HTML files. In the trial version of the SiteInFile Compiler it displays a “created by unregistered version” notice at the very bottom when EXE is launched.

SiteInFile Compiler

SiteInFile Compiler provides a very easy way to convert HTML files or even entire sites into an EXE file that can be launched on any Windows computer. This is a great way to make e-books, help files, manuals, CD/DVD launchers, presentations, photo albums or even GUI for other utilities.

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