How to Export Saved Logins from Firefox Browser to File

In the Nightly builds of Firefox web browser, a new feature has surfaced using which you can export all the saved logins to a CSV data file. In this CSV file, all the passwords are saved without any encryption – in their plain text format that anyone can read. This CSV file can be opened in any text editor like Notepad, but it is actually meant to be viewed using software like Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Base. Using Office software, you can convert this CSV file into other formats or print it on your computer.

Here is how you can export all the saved logins from Firefox web browser:

  1. Launch Firefox web browser and click on the menu icon (three lines in top-right corner).
  2. From the Firefox menu, select Logins and Passwords.Export Saved Logins from Firefox
  3. On the Logins and Passwords screen, you will see all of your saved logins. Click on on the ellipses icon (three dots in the top-right corner) and select Export Logins.Export Saved Logins from Firefox
  4. You will see a small window informing you that the exported CSV file will have passwords in the plain-text format. Click on the red Export button to save the logins to a CSV file somewhere on your local storage.Export Saved Logins from Firefox
  5. Now you can open the saved CSV file in any text-editor, Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Base or any other program capable of reading CSV data files.

As already mentioned, this works only for the Firefox Nightly version 79 at this moment which can be downloaded from But there is a high possibility that this feature will make it to the release version of Firefox for everyone’s use. However, the developers may add some sort of encryption to the saved passwords because having a plain text file on your computer containing all of your logins is a very risk thing. Anyone who gets hold of this file will have access to all of your accounts – unless you are using two-factor authentication for improved security.