Mp3nity : ID3 Tag Editor and Music Collection Manager for Windows

With a huge collection of MP3 audio files, you have to be very careful in managing the audio files. If you do not tag them properly or rename them according to their album titles then you may end up having many duplicate audio files not to mention that it would be very difficult to find a file in the whole mess.

In order to manage your music collection, you need a software like Mp3nity which is able to manage the tags of your MP3 files professionally. It makes adding tags, media art and lyrics to your music files very easy. You begin by selecting a folder that contains your MP3 files. It will display all the MP3 files inside the selected folder along with their tags and album art if any.

If your MP3 files do not have any tags or other embedded information, then you can choose to add the tags, picture or lyrics from the web. It will analyze the music files, download the relevant information and add it to those files. You do not really have to do anything – all the work is done automatically by Mp3nity.


If you have older audio CDs lying around that you want to backup on your computer, then MP3nity is the software for you. It can rip your audio CDs and save the tracks as high quality MP3 files. It does not stop there, it actually adds tags and album cover to these music files.

Based on the tags, music titles, album names, performers and more, you can choose to mass rename your music files. Similarly, Mp3nity is able to mass move your music files to a different folder based on a certain criteria. You can also create a huge playlist containing your music files that can be used in any popular media player such as VLC Media Player.

You can download Mp3nity from