Quickly Switch Between Dark or Light Themes using Easy Dark Mode

Windows 10 comes with two themes – dark theme and light theme. These themes can be activated from Windows Settings (hotkey Win+I) for either Windows 10 apps or windows. You will be able to find these settings under Personalization / Colors section in Windows settings. But since some users find it rather cumbersome to open Windows settings and then go through various sections, someone has developed a freeware tool called “Easy Dark Mode” to quickly switch between the light and dark themes in Windows 10.

Easy Dark Mode is a portable program and does not need any installation. As soon as you launch it, it makes home in the notification area of Windows desktop. However, it will disappear at next Windows boot. If you want it to stay in the notification area even after you reboot Windows, you can choose to auto-start with Windows by right-clicking on its icon and then choosing “Autostart”.

Easy Dark Mode

If you do not like to right-click on the small notification area icon, then you can display a larger panel on your desktop that floats around and can be dragged around anywhere on your screen. Right-clicking on this panel displays the exact same menu that appears when you right-click on the notification area icon.

Easy Dark Mode

You can change the theme settings by right-clicking on its icon and then choosing “Theme” to be Auto, Light or Dark. Nothing can be simpler than this. And if you want Easy Dark Mode to automatically switch to a certain mode as soon as it is launched, then you can also choose it from the “Start Mode” sub-menu.

Conclusion: Easy Dark Mode can make life simpler for Windows 10 users who frequently switch between light or dark color themes. It is a useful tool for the people who want to test their software under various color themes.

You can download Easy Dark Mode from https://www.wintools.info/index.php/easy-dark-mode.