Convert Videos into GIF Animation Easily with Video to GIF Converter

Sometimes posting a video on Twitter or Facebook is much more difficult than posting its GIF animation. Compared to a video file, a GIF animation is both small in size and easy to upload. If you have a funny or satirical video and want to post it on Twitter, consider posting its GIF animation instead. The effect would be much more interesting. But if you are wondering how you are going to make a GIF file from your videos, then think no more. You can use a free tool called Video to GIF Converter to convert any video file into a GIF animation in seconds.

Video to GIF Converter is a software designed by Aiseesoft. They are well known for developing many other video editing and converting applications. The program can handle all sorts of video files but since you are trying to create a GIF animation for social networks, you should use a smaller video file. Using a large size video file will end up in a huge GIF file that may not work in any web browser.

Video to GIF Converter

The software is very easy and does not require any instructions. You begin by adding video files to the Video to GIF Converter user interface. The video files can be clipped and edited a little. This helps you use only a section of the entire video for the GIF. Clicking on the Convert button is all you have to do. It will display full progress of the conversion process. After the conversion is finished, it will be placed in the configured destination folder.

Video to GIF Converter

You can now view the GIF animation in any image viewer like IrfanView or XNView. The GIF animation can also be posted to social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook.

Even though Video to GIF Converter is touted as GIF converter, it appears to be a full video converter software. You can select any other target format (other than GIF) and it converts the videos to that format. The program works as expected and does not consume that much RAM. It is not clear whether it can use GPU for conversion purpose.

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