Make Windows PC Work Faster with SLOW-PCfighter

SLOW-PCfighter is a Windows software designed to detect the problems, settings and applications that could be making your PC work slow. It can fix the errors, optimize the system settings and remove the unwanted application to make your PC work much faster. The developers of this software claim that it can even make your old computer work as if you have just bought a brand new computer. After using this software your PC will boot faster and will show no errors when booting or shutting down.

SLOW-PCfighter can scan your system for all kinds of errors and the fix them at the click of a button. Among the various problems it can scan are the invalid paths, useless file extensions, obsolete software entries, non-existent DLL files, invalid shared paths, invalid installed software entries, empty uninstall entries, non-existing startup entries, invalid file associations, unused help files and more.


SLOW-PCfighter has a very modern user interface from where you can scan and fix all these problems with your system. If by fixing the problems, your system starts to behave in an unexpected way then it also offers to undo the changes made by SLOW-PCfighter. Under the section “Reverse Repair” you can find a list of all the changes and undo any of the selected changes.

It comes with a Registry defragmentation tool that can defragment all the files where the Windows Registry is stored. After the defragmenting the Registry files, it then compacts them and makes them smaller. Smaller registry is loaded faster and helps your Windows PC boot in seconds.

Conclusion: Even though how fast your PC can run depends mainly on the hardware being used by your system such as the CPU, GPU, RAM, storage drives and the motherboard, SLOW-PCfighter can optimize some of the system settings to make your PC run a little bit faster.

You can download SLOW-PCfighter from