Boxifier : Add Any Folder for Dropbox Syncing in Windows

Dropbox can be said to be the most popular cloud storage app out there. It has been around for many years and keeps only improving as time passes. The free personal account of Dropbox gives 2 GB of cloud storage for everyone. And if you cross that limit then you can increase the storage by subscribing to monthly or annual plans. It is very affordable and with just $9.99 per month, you can get a massive 2 TB of cloud storage for yourself.

When installed on your Windows PC, Dropbox syncs a folder that is set to be the Dropbox folder during the installation. This folder location is usually C:\Users\Username\Dropbox where Username is the Windows user name. This folder location can later be changed but this is the only folder Dropbox app syncs with the cloud storage.


Boxifier takes care of this limitation by allowing you to sync any folder on your hard drive with Dropbox account. For this, you simply have to install Dropbox app on your PC, sign-in to your Dropbox account from within the Dropbox app, and then launch Boxifier to add a folder. In order to add a folder, you can drag-n-drop the folders on Boxifier’s window. This is all that is needed.


When adding a new folder to Dropbox through Boxifier, you have the option to enable protection for that folder. By protecting a folder, Boxifier prevents Dropbox from removing files in that folder or updating its contents. This is useful if you want to freeze the contents of a folder and do not want it to be changed from any device that you use Dropbox on.


Boxifier makes it very easy to add any folder for syncing with Dropbox cloud storage. It needs the Dropbox app to be installed on your Windows PC for working. You can right-click on any folder and choose to Boxify it.

You can download Boxifier from