Colorize ‘Black and White’ Photos with Picture Colorizer

The days of 100% pure manual image editors are slowly disappearing as really high-quality artificial intelligence (AI) is being integrated into some of the mainstream image editing software. Lately Adobe has also decided to use AI in their already popular software. But AI is not being used only by the industry leaders. Some of the smaller players have also been integrating AI algorithms in their software. For example, a small application called Picture Colorizer uses AI to auto-fill colors in any ‘black and white’ picture. Black and white pictures are also called grey scale images.

Picture Colorizer is a free AI based desktop software to colorize ‘black and white’ photos. It uses some of the popular AI algorithms and machine learning to restore the original color to the image. Moreover, Picture Colorizer also allows users to adjust various other things for an image, such as the color intensity, color hue, color saturation, sharpening of the image, remove noise from an image, and so on.

Picture Colorizer

Picture Colorizer cannot work on your desktop computer on its own, it needs to connect to the internet for processing your images. Typically, you begin by adding one for more images to the list of the images. A preview of the selected image will be displayed in the Picture Colorizer window.

Picture Colorizer

Now you can click on the Colorize button and it will quickly upload the images to their server for processing. The colorized images will be downloaded and the results looking very promising. However, the colorized picture can be further processed if needed for restoring the correct values related to the color saturation, brightness, contrast and more. The final colorized image can be saved as PNG or JPEG image file types. It works really fast and can colorize the pictures in seconds.

You can download Picture Colorizer for Windows or Mac from