How to Activate New Alpenglow Theme in Firefox

Mozilla has prepared a new exciting theme called “Firefox Alpenglow”. Alpenglow is the unique light that appears in the sky when the sun is about to set. The sky a random gradient of purple and pink. The effect is much more easily visible in a cloudy sky or in the mountains. The new Alpenglow theme also displays the same effect made from a beautiful combination of purple, pink and black.

There are two ways of getting the new Alpenglow theme in your Firefox web browser:

1. Install Firefox version 81+ that comes with Alpenglow theme

The current latest version from the release channel of Firefox web browser is 80.0 and it does not come with the new Alpenglow theme. So if you want to get the new theme, you can install the latest beta version of FIrefox. At the moment of writing this, the newest beta version of Firefox is 81.0b3 and it does contain the Alpenglow theme. You can download the latest Firefox beta from You can also wait for the next month when Firefox will be automatically updated to version 81.

Firefox Alpenglow Theme

After installing version 81 or above of Firefox, you can simply go to the add-ons section in Firefox options (for this enter about:addons in the address bar) and enable the new Alpenglow theme.

2. Install the Alpenglow theme yourself from Mozilla add-ons site

For this, you do not need to upgrade Firefox to the latest version. If you are using version 80 (latest release version at this time) and the Alpenglow theme will be available starting from version 81. But even while using version 80, you can enjoy Alpenglow theme by installing this theme from the Mozilla add-ons repository.

Firefox Alpenglow Theme

You can download the official Firefox Alpenglow theme from Once the theme is installed, it will be enabled automatically. You can manage the themes, enable or disable them by visiting the Themes section in the Firefox settings.