How to Enable Cloud Search in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with the Microsoft OneDrive app already installed by default. You can remove it if you want, but there is no reason as it does not cause any significant performance issues. Besides you can get free cloud storage space using this OneDrive app. Free users of OneDrive get 5 GB cloud storage without any cost and you can easily extend the cloud storage limit by paying for the subscription. You can use this cloud storage not only for storing your important files or keeping backups but also for syncing the settings of various applications across multiple devices.

Even though you can store your documents and other files on cloud storage easily in Windows 10, the contents of the cloud storage are not included when you search for a file in Windows 10. In the newer versions of Windows 10, they have added a new feature that can be enabled to include cloud storage accounts in Windows Search so that when you look for something, it will not only search for the files on the local storage devices such as hard drives, but also on the cloud storage space.

Here is how you can enable cloud search for Windows search in Windows 10:

  1. Press the key combination Win+I to open Windows settings.Enable Cloud Search in Windows
  2. In Windows settings, select Search.
  3. Select Permissions & History category and then enable Windows Cloud Search from Cloud Search section.Enable Cloud Search in Windows
  4. Close Windows settings window.

After this, when you search for something it will search through any cloud storage accounts that you have been using. For example, if you have Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage account added in Windows, then you will see any matching content from your cloud storage in addition to the data from your local storage devices. This really saves you from the trouble of forgetting where you copied all your documents after storing them over the cloud storage accounts.