Portable Start Menu : Simple and Small Start Menu for Windows

Portable Start Menu is just what the name of this application says – it is a portable start menu. It needs no installation and it can be used not only on your hard drive, but also can be placed on portable hard drives or pendrives. It is a great application for your portable apps collection that you keep on a pendrive. You can launch all of your portable apps through this start menu.

Once launched, it places an icon in the notification area (system tray) of Windows. The menu is displayed just like old fashioned Start menu from Windows 95/98 – all the various folders in the menu are shown in a cascaded manner.  From the same menu, you can choose to configure the options and build-up the menu.

Portable Start Menu

For creating the menu, you have a tabbed user interface. Under the “Applications” tab, you can add various folders and applications. For adding applications, you have to add a label, a path and icon. You can edit or delete each of these entries at a later time if needed.

Among other settings, you can change the icon of the menu that is displayed in the notification area of Windows desktop, display drive letters in the system tray for easy access to any folder, add hotkeys to launch the menu without having to launch it from the system tray icon, check when programs are modified (for example when updated), and more.

Portable Start Menu

Portable Start Menu is completely portable and does not require any runtimes to be installed. It can be installed on your Windows PC or can be used in the portable mode from your pendrive or portable hard drives. Even though the developer mentions that it runs only on Windows 7 and above, it seems to work on older versions of Windows too.

You can download Portable Start Menu from https://www.aignes.com/psmenu.htm.