Snooze Tabs in Google Chrome Browser for Later Use

When you arrive early at a rendezvous then you have to wait for the other party for a few minutes. And if the meeting was arranged to take place at a café or a restaurant, the waiter has to be told that you are waiting for someone and that you will order something as soon as your acquaintances arrive. When your friends arrive, the waiter takes the order and everyone is happy.

Now you can do a similar thing with your Chrome web browser using an extension called Tab Snooze. When you stumble upon a really interesting article, news or video but you simply do not have time for it at the  moment, you can use Tab Snooze to save that tab for later.

The Tab Snooze can also be used to control for how much later a tab will be put on the back burner. As soon as you click on the icon of Tab Snooze, you have many options for how much later. For example, you can choose some common time periods like snooze until later today, until tomorrow, until tomorrow eve, until this weekend, until next week, until next month, until some special day or you can choose a particular date & time. You can also choose a repeated reminder for a tab – so it will be displayed repeatedly after a frequency of time period.

Tab Snooze for Chrome

When that time comes, the tabs put to sleep will appear automatically. If you have put the tabs to sleep for a long time (2-3 months), you will be surprised to see the tabs from months ago – perhaps you would have forgotten about them. One interesting way to use this extension is for reminding your loved ones to buy you an anniversary gift by snoozing an online shopping page until your birthday.

You can get the Tab Snooze extension for Chrome web browser from