Epic Games Store Giveaway : Football Manager 2020

Epic Games store has been giving away many games every week for more than a year now. Usually, you find either indie games or older games in the giveaways. But this week, Epic Games is giving away a large simulator – Football Manager 2020. It is a football management game that every soccer fan must have.

In this game, you enter the world of football teams in a football league of your choice. You get to manage your very own football club, plan the matches, select the players and grow your club into a strong competitor.

We have all played FIFA games where we play one team against another in the soccer matches. But Football Manager takes you behind the scenes and takes you into the football world that is not just playing matches but also includes the life of football players after and before the matches.

Football Manager 2020

As the manager of your team, you have to hire new talent, promote the youngest players to the team, discus financial situation with the board, and carry out the many year plan for your team. You will surely get a clear idea of what happens in the football world and how much effort and hard work it takes to lead a team to victory.

As far as system requirements of this game are concerned, you do not have to worry too much  about it. This game will run even on Windows 7 computers having only 2GB of RAM.

In order to claim your free copy of Football Manager 2020, you can visit the Epic games store website and look for this game. Scroll down the page of Football Manager and click on the Get button and it will be added to your Epic Games store library. You must install Epic Games Launcher on your PC before you can actually install this game. You can directly visit the Epic Games store page for the Football Manager 2020 at https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/football-manager-2020/.