SMath Studio : Advanced Mathematical Software for Windows

SMath Studio is an advanced mathematical calculation, graphing and equation solver software that can be used to carry out complex mathematical calculations in seconds on your Windows PC. It is known for its WYSIWYG editor where you can work with advanced mathematical concepts such as matrices, calculus, boolean algebra, hyperbolic functions, and even some programming.

If one thing has to be picked that makes SMath Studio stand out in the crowd of similar software, then it would be its intuitive equation editor. You can not only type in your equations or other mathematical terms, but you can also quickly insert them using a huge library of functions and symbols from the sidebar. Using a proper combination of functions, equations and symbols, you will be able to enter almost any mathematical problem.

Smath Studio

In case you are wondering, how and when will it solve the equations, it does it automatically. This is really very convenient as you will be able to arrive at the solution as soon as you have finished entering the equations. This is specially true for calculus whether it is integral calculus or differential calculus. This will also help you when you are entering a really big equation and prevent you from making any mistakes.

In case you want to export the equations or mathematical terms, it offers you many options. You can export in many different formats including HTML, GIF, BMP, PNG and JPEG. It can export even in a small EXE file that runs without needing SMath Studio. This small EXE can be sent to your friends or students to display how a particular mathematical problem is to be solved.

SMath Studio is a very advanced mathematical software. It can help you solve very complex equations but it appears to gear towards the students of advanced mathematics such as engineering students. Nevertheless, high school students can also benefit from it.

You can download SMath Studio from