Automatically Hide Cursor in Windows with Cursor Hider

So many times when we start typing in our favorite text editors like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer, the cursor stays in the the middle of the text being typed. This causes confusion as we cannot clearly see what is being typed. This makes a problem specifically when we type capital “I” or roman numerals.

Of course, you can move the mouse away from the text into one of the corners of your screen and stay busy with typing uninterrupted. But it would have been much better if the cursor disappears on its own. This is what can be achieved using a software called Mouse Cursor.

Mouse Cursor stays running in the background after the installation. It will send the cursor into one of the corners of the screen as soon as you start typing. It will place an icon in the notification area which blinks when it hides the cursor. The only other thing that you can do from the notification area icon is disable Cursor Hider if needed.

Cursor Hider

In the settings of Cursor Hider, you can choose various options like how many keystrokes must be made by the user before the cursor is hidden, for how many seconds the program should wait before the mouse pointer is hidden, which side or corner of the screen the pointer will be moved etc.

There are some special features available too. For example, you can configure it to press some special keys twice (such as Num Lock) in order to launch a selected program. You can configure only Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock keys for this. In a similar manner, Ctrl and Shift keys can be configured to switch between various language layouts for the keyboard.

Cursor Hider

Cursor Hider is a productive tool for people who have to do a lot of typing on their computers. For example, bloggers, writers, and copywriters will greatly appreciate this software.

You can download Cursor Hider from