Epic Games Store Giveaway : Costume Quest 2

Halloween is just around the corner and everyone has already picked up their costumes. Kids are ready to trick or treating. Grown ups are ready with tons of candies, chocolates and other goodies. In this joyful environment, Epic Games Store has put cherry on the cake by making a Halloween trick-or-treat style game called Costume Quest 2 free for everyone. This game is hours of fun and can be played by the whole family.

Costume Quest 2 begins with the sad news in the future where they have banned trick-or-treating and wearing costumes on the Halloween day. So some kids set out to fix the things and use a time machine to go back in time. The reach a place where they have to finish some goals, fight the bad guys, go trick-or-treating, find missing kids and more. They have to go from one town to another all of which are decorated for the Halloween’s eve.

Costume Quest 2

The purpose of their time travel adventure is to change the heart of a dentist Dr. Orel who was a kind person when he was young but turned into an evil man as he grew old. The kids meet the younger Dr. Orel, win over his heart and then there is a big fight between younger Dr. Orel and the old evil Dr. Orel. The kids then restore the Halloween festivities as they were supposed to be and set out donning their crazy costumes.

The game was originally released in 2014 and works well even with older computers running on Windows Vista. The game requirements are very basic – DirectX 9, any medium level graphics card, 1.8 GHz CPU and 4 GB RAM. The game will run smoothly on any Windows PC bought in last five years.

You can visit https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/costume-quest-2/home to claim your free copy of the Halloween adventure game “Costume Quest 2”.