How to Add Routines to Google Assistant in Android

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligent powered assistant offered by Google for Android devices. It is similar to iPhone’s Siri. You have to first configure Google Assistant on your smartphone which involves training the assistant by reading out some sentences to it. Afterwards, you can activate it anytime by saying “Hello Google” and then asking it anything. For example, you can ask it to play music, read news, check email messages and more.

Google Assistant supports routines which is a combination of various tasks that will be carried out by the Assistant just by a single trigger phrase. For example, you can create a routine that is triggered when you say “Toast” and it will run the toaster, start the coffee maker and play your favorite music. Google Assistant comes with some basic routines built in, but you can add your own custom routines.

Here is how you can add new routines for Google Assistant in Android:

  1. Open system settings in your Android device, followed by opening Google settings and then Google Search, assistant and voice settings.Add Routines to Google Assistant
  2. Select Google Assistant and then tap on Routines from there. You will see all the routines that are already added to Google Assistant, you can edit them from here or add new ones.
  3. In order to add a new routine, tap on Add a routine button.Add Routines to Google Assistant
  4. On the screen that opens up, you have to give a new routine name, when the routine is activated and what actions this routine will take. For example, you can assign the new routine a name “Good morning”, make it activate when you say “Good morning” and make it read today’s news, read out the weather forecast, play music from your fav app and more.Add Routines to Google Assistant

Now in order to use this new routine, all you have to do is first activate Google Assistant (by saying “Hello Google”) and then say “Good morning”.