Mount Disc Images in Windows with gBurner Virtual Drive

These days so many disc images are available for download for installing different types of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Android and even macOS. You can download the disc images of these operating systems’ installation media usually in the ISO format and use them for installation. But before you burn the downloaded ISO disc images on a real blank CD/DVD, you should be able to explore their contents in Windows.

With the help of gBurner Virtual Drive, you can mount many different types of disc images in Windows. It supports ISO, DAA, BIN, CUE, MDF, MDS, AshDisc, BWI, B5I, LCD, IMG, CDI, CIF, P01, PDI, NRG, NCD, PXI, GI, FCD, VCD, C2D, DMG, UIF, ISZ and other types of RAW disc images. It also supports their homegrown disc image format gBurner with extensions GBP or GBI. An average user will seldom need support for all these formats, but when you encounter such images, gBurner Virtual Drive will be able to mount all of these disc images.

gBurner Virtual Drive

There are two ways to mount the disc images using gBurner Virtual Drive. First is by right-clicking on the disc image files and then choosing to mount them. And the second way is through the notification area icon. You can right-click on the notification area icon for gBurner Virtual Drive and then choose to mount a disc image. You will be shown a disc image file selection dialog and afterwards it will be mounted.

By default, gBurner Virtual Drive creates only one virtual drive to load the disc images. But through the system tray menu, you can set as many as 16 different virtual drives. Of course it also depends on the availability of the drive letters on your system. For example, if you have connected a number of hard drives to your PC and each of these hard drives has multiple partitions, then the number of available drive letters will be rather limited on your system.

gBurner Virtual Drive

gBurner Virtual Drive works well with all different types of disc images. We mounted Windows 10 ISO and Puppy Linux ISO using it and everything worked great. PC gamers who have to load the disc images in their PC in order to play games will also find gBurner Virtual Drive very useful.

You can download gBurner Virtual Drive from