Remove Programs from Windows with Magoshare Uninstaller

Magoshare Uninstaller is a small tool that can be used to view and remove the installed software from a Windows computer. It is easy to use, has a modern user interface and allows removal of programs in a very convenient manner.

Batch removal of software

Microsoft’s own program uninstaller that comes with Windows also allows for quick removal of installer software, but it allows only one program to be uninstalled at a single time. But what if you want to get rid of a number of programs at one time? In case of Microsoft’s uninstaller, you will have to uninstall one program, wait for the uninstall process to complete, then select another program to uninstall and so on. Magoshare Uninstaller saves your time as it allows batch uninstall. You can select a number of software and then click on the Uninstall button. It will run remove all the selected programs one after the another.

Magoshare Uninstaller

Removal of left over files

Unlike the Microsoft’s tool which runs the uninstall and does not leave the remnants left behind in various folders and the Windows registry, Magoshare Uninstaller can remove all the leftover files after successfully removing the software. This ensures that the selected software is completely and fully removed.

After the uninstall process has finished, it gives you option to deep scan your hard drive for the left overs. You just have to click on the Deep Scan so that it can find and remove associated files.

Magoshare Uninstaller

Secure file removal

When removing the files during and after uninstalling programs, Magoshare Uninstaller does not use simple delete function. Rather it uses secure file deletion algorithms that ensure that the files are securely deleted in a such a manner that makes it impossible for anyone to recover them. This adds to the privacy and safety of your system. It also offers secure erasing of data from hard drives, SSD, USB Flash Drive, microSD cards, digital camera and other data storage devices.

Final words

Magoshare Uninstaller provides a quick and safe way to remove one or more installed programs from your Windows PC. It scans for any left over files and removes them too. We tried it to remove one program and multiple programs in the batch mode, it worked flawlessly and worked as expected.

You can download Magoshare Uninstaller from

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  1. This is an excellent uninstaller. I have replaced almost all of my other uninstallers because it is easy to use, removes programs and cleans leftovers thoroughly, and is free.

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