Alternate Font Sizer : Change Font Sizes for Windows 10

These days laptop or notebook computer screens are coming with very high resolutions especially when you look at the latest gaming laptops such as Razer Blade Pro 17. In these high resolution screens everything looks crispy clear and detailed. Playing games or watching movies on these screens is a real treat for your eyes. Unfortunately, higher resolution screens with smaller physical size means that everything will look slightly smaller in size. Even the desktop icons and the text looks so small that it becomes a bit harder to read.

One obvious workaround for improving readability of the text on your computer screen is to lower the screen DPI which is a setting that can be found for your screen under Windows settings or from the monitor front panel menu. But this also means that you will have to compromise with graphics quality.

Alternate Font Sizer

Using a freeware software called Alternate Font Sizer, you can change the font size in Windows 10 without having to change the DPI settings. You can keep the high DPI value and yet it allows you to increase the font size for Windows 10.

In the Font Sizer application window, you have font sizes for various objects in a window such as caption, icon, menu, message, SM caption, status. You can change the font height (in terms of points), font weight and can make the font italic too. The changes are written to the Windows Registry as soon as you hit the Apply button but you have to sign out and then sign in to your Windows user account in order to actually see the changes.

Alternate Font Sizer

Alternate Font Sizer is a life saver for the people who do not want to lose the high DPI benefits for their computer screens and yet want to make the text appear larger on the screen.

You can download Alternate Font Sizer from