How to Add Custom Icon Packs in Windows 10 with 7TSP

If you do not customize your Windows PC desktop, then after some time it seems to look boring. And nobody wants to work on a boring looking Windows desktop. It would be much more fun if you change the desktop background, the cursors, the icons and the sound schemes. All these customization are just one-click away from you as you can simple launch Windows Settings (Win+I) and play with various options.

Of course, you can download various new goodies for your desktop like the background images or the icon packs from the internet. And if you want a quicker way to change the icons of your Windows 10 PC, then you can try 7TSP tool. This tool was originally designed for Windows 7 which is why it was abbreviated as 7TSP (Windows 7 Theme Source Patcher). It makes changes to the Windows theme files directly and changes the icons in an instant.

7TSP Icon Pack for Windows 10

For this tool to work, you may have to first make sure you have patched the Windows 10 system files using another tool called UltraUxThemePatcher. You can download UltraUxThemePatcher from This tool is for patching your theme related files. A system reboot is necessary after its use.

Now you can start downloading any 7TSP icon packs from the internet (search for 7TSP icon packs) and start applying them in your Windows 10 PC. You have to first launch 7TSP and then click on the Add a Custom Pack button to choose the 7TSP icon pack files that you want to apply.

After 7TSP finishes analyzing the selected icon pack, you will be able to click on the Start Patching button. This will change the theme files on your PC. You may have to restart Windows to see the changes if you do not see the changes instantly.

7TSP creates a restore point before making changes to your Windows 10 PC so that you can restore the original files at any time later. The restore feature is also available from within the 7TSP interface.

You can download 7TSP from