How to Change Audio Quality for Amazon Music in Windows

Amazon Prime is a subscription based membership plan from Amazon which comes with many benefits such as same day shipping, free delivery for all products, access to Amazon Prime Video and ad-free Amazon Music. If you are also an Amazon Prime member, then you can listen to millions of songs on Amazon Music. It is available for all the popular platforms in form of apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. It can also be accessed from any web browser in the form of a web app which works exactly as the apps meant for other platforms.

When you are listening to music through Amazon Music, you can change the audio quality for many reasons – in order to listen to the best quality or to save data if you are using limited data plans. Here is how:

  1. Launch Amazon Music app for Windows. Login to your Amazon Prime account, click on your profile picture and then select Settings.Change Audio Quality for Amazon Music
  2. On the settings screen, select Audio Quality. By default it is set to stream the best available audio quality.Change Audio Quality for Amazon Music
  3. Choose an audio quality setting from the three available options – Best Available, Standard and Data Saver. The best quality is going to use a lot of your internet data, so use it only if you have an unlimited internet plan. The data saver is for those who are using limited data plans for listening to music.Change Audio Quality for Amazon Music

It should be noted that these audio quality settings are only for the Amazon Music app for Windows. If you install this app on another computer or device, then you will have to make changes to that app on those deices separately. In other words, these audio quality settings are not really associated with your Amazon Prime account but are saved locally for the Amazon Prime app on your Windows PC.