How to Start Mozilla Firefox with Keyboard Only

During the winter season everything becomes so icy cold that even using the mouse becomes undesirable. Nobody wants to touch the cold mouse sitting on the cold table. I personally resort to using just then keyboard as much as possible. Touching the keyboard keys is not as uncomfortable as touching the mouse so it does not bother me as much.

If you are a Windows user and you want to launch Firefox browser using only the keyboard then you have many different methods:

Method 1: Using Run dialog

In Windows, the fastest way to launch something is through the Run dialog. In order to launch Firefox through the Run dialog, you can press the hotkey Win+R and then enter firefox in the Run dialog.

Launch Firefox Using Keyboard

This way Firefox launches and opens the home page set in the Firefox preferences. But if you want to launch Firefox at a specific URL then you can specify that URL after firefox in the Run dialog too. For example, if you want to launch Firefox at then you can enter firefox in the Run dialog.

Launch Firefox Using Keyboard

Method 2: Using Start menu

In Windows 10, it is really easy to launch apps or programs installed through the Start menu. For this, you have to press the Windows logo key on your keyboard to open the Start menu. Once the Start menu is opened, you can type firefox and then press Enter. This will launch Firefox. You can also use the arrow keys to select one of the most frequently visited websites from the interface.

Launch Firefox Using Keyboard

Method 3: Using Hotkeys

You can set a hotkey to launch Firefox in Windows easily. For this, you have to right-click on the Firefox’s shortcut on the Windows desktop and select Properties from the context-menu. In the properties window, first select the Shortcut tab and then the Shortcut key field. You can then choose any available hotkey by pressing those keys on the keyboard. Clicking on the OK will save the settings. Once the hotkey is set, there is no need to use the mouse – now you can simply use that hotkey to launch Firefox whenever you want.

Launch Firefox Using Keyboard

Conclusion: There are many ways to launch Firefox using just the keyboard in Windows. This is really useful if you do not want to use the mouse for some reason or you want to save some time and get things done faster.