Copy++ Holds Screenshots and Text Snippets Ready for Use

Copy++ is a unique application for Windows that can help the bloggers , writers and school students alike. It is designed to hold ten different snippets of text as well as six screenshots in its memory. While you are doing your research and writing a great essay, you can copy-paste important pieces of texts in Copy++. You can use them later when you need them from the friendly user interface of Copy++.

Copy++ stays in the system tray and you can click on its icon to launch it anytime you need it. In the user interface of Copy++, you will find ten rows of text fields. In each of these text fields, you can copy ten different text snippets. Similarly, if you switch to the image mode by clicking on the T button, you can copy six different screenshots.


There is an assistant bar available to make things even much easier for the user. You can display this assistant by clicking on the Show Assistant button. As soon as you click on this button an assistance bar appear near the top edge of your screen. In this bar, you can see the shortcut keys for putting the text or image content into various slots of its memory.

Copy++ also has an option called Save and Exit which can be enabled to make sure that all the items copied to this application are saved on the hard drive before it is closed. This is useful if you want it to remember all the items for the next time Copy++ is launched. You can also make it auto-run with Windows.


Copy++ offers a very simple solution to a very old problem. While it is going to be useful for some of the beginner level users, advanced users might have their own set of tools to save text and images.

You can download Copy++ from