Create Basic Arithmetic Worksheets for Kids at Home

Because of the extended lockdown situation in many places of the world, kids are stuck at home. They are learning through online medium now. But when they are kids, it is very difficult for the parents to keep them busy. There is an easy solution – give them many mathematical problems to solve. This can be fun for both the parents and the kids.

Using an Excel spreadsheet, we can quickly generate basic arithmetic worksheets having problems related to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This excel sheet is created by Dave Paradi and he mentions that he has used this same method of creating worksheets for his own kids.

In order to generate these worksheets, all you have to do is download this Excel worksheet and open it in Microsoft Excel. If you do not have Microsoft Office installed on your PC, then you can download and install LibreOffice which is a great replacement for Microsoft Office and is completely free. Another great alternative for Microsoft Office is Google Docs but that does not work offline.

Maths Worksheets Generator

In the spreadsheet, you can choose the maximum value for the basic problems which is 12 by default as well as maximum value for the advanced problems which is 500 set by default. In the basic arithmetic, the problems are printed horizontally in one line. The advanced problems are printed vertically – the operands one over the other.

Maths Worksheets Generator

If you want to generate new problems, all you have to do is press F9. We can press F9 as many times as we desire to create new problems. We can print the generated problems off any connected printer. It prints thirty problems per page and there are 12 sheets printed. We can of course, print only one or two sheets at a time.

You can download Maths Worksheet Generator from