Epic Games Store Giveaway : STAR WARS Battlefront II

Star Wars fans are going to be very happy this week as Epic Games store is giving away a popular Star Wars series game Battlefront II. The game features both offline and online game action with hundreds of missions to complete. You can engage in both the ground battles and space wars in this game. You will find many familiar planets and locations from the Star Wars series of movies in this game.

It has three single player modes – instant action, custom arcade, and battle scenarios. In the instant action mode, you are not really concerned about the story line. You can choose the map, location and the team that you want to join. In the custom arcade mode, you can choose from many different smaller scale missions where you have to fight battles against the other team. In the battle scenarios, you can play through many of the classic known Star Wars battles.

Star Wars BattleFront II

The game also features a large number of the multiplayer modes including the Supremacy mode where more than 60 different players can join in over the internet. The mode is made up of two teams battling against each other. As a member of the team you have to cooperate with other members of your team to take control of control towers of the other team. After taking over some control towers, you can proceed to destroying the nuclear reactor of the other team. The team that destroys the reactor wins the battle.

Epic Games store is giving away the “Celebration Edition” of the game. In this edition, all the content added to the game before 2020 is added. But extra content that was released in the year 2020 is not included.

You can claim a free copy of STAR WARS Battlefront II by visiting https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/star-wars-battlefront-2/.