How to Import KeePass Logins into Mozilla Firefox

In the latest version of Mozilla Firefox  browser, we can import the logins saved from other password management software easily. This is because Firefox now accepts CSV database containing logins created in the KeePass CSV format. So now we can import the logins easily from password managers such as KeePass or KeePassXC (and other variants of this open-source password manager).

Here is how you can import KeePass logins into Mozilla Firefox browser:

Part 1. Exporting KeePass logins into a CSV file

  1. Launch KeePass, enter your master password and load your logins database as usual.
  2. When all the logins are visible in KeePass, select File Export from the menubar.Import KeePass Logins into Firefox
  3. In the Export File/Data window, select KeePass CSV file type from the list, choose a destination path (preferably on the Desktop) and click OK.Import KeePass Logins into Firefox

Part 2. Importing KeePass logins into Firefox

  1. Launch Firefox and enter about:config in the address bar to access the advanced configuration manager.
  2. Find a setting called and toggle its value to true.Import KeePass Logins into Firefox
  3. Enter about:logins in the address bar to access the saved logins in Firefox. You may have to enter your primary password to access this page.
  4. Click on the menu icon (three dots) and choose Import from a File from the menu. This option appears only if you have successfully completed the first 2 steps of part 2.Import KeePass Logins into Firefox
  5. Select the KeePass CSV file that we saved in the part 1 above and you are done. Now you can search for the imported logins in the Firefox logins page.

After this, you may want to delete the CSV file created in this process. This is because the logins saved inside the CSV file are not encrypted and are saved in plain text format. Leaving it lying anywhere on the hard drive of your computer will be risky as your credentials can easily be stolen.