How to Repair Corrupt ZIP Archives with Remo Repair Zip

ZIP files are perhaps the most popular archive files on the internet. So many programs and documents are available in form of ZIP files. The ZIP format is used to compress data and save storage space and reduce the internet bandwidth used when transferring them. They are also used to group various files together into a single package. When storing ZIP files or transferring them from one location to another, these files can get damaged and become corrupt. But with a free tool called Remo Repair Zip, we can fix them very easily.

Remo Repair Zip is a Windows application for repairing corrupt or damaged ZIP archives. It supports repairing not only corrupt ZIP files but also ZIPx archives. It works with all types of ZIP archives including ZIPx that use a custom level of compression. ZIPx is a relatively new file format developed of popular archiving software vendor WinZip Computing for allowing very high degree of data compression.

Remo Repair Zip

Remo Repair Zip offers a wizard like user interface and can perform the repair of the damaged ZIP files in just three steps. In the first step, we have to choose the ZIP file that has become damaged and click on the Repair button. In the second step, it will display all the recovered files from inside the archive. You can then proceed to the third step and save the repaired file to a different location.

Remo Repair Zip

The repaired ZIP file has a different file extension so that you can quickly recognize it. This repair archive might not contain the full set of files that were present in the original files, but it does the job really well. We can open this repaired ZIP file using any archiving software such as 7-zip or Peazip. It is now going to work without any errors or other problems.

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