Quickly Change Dark or Light Mode on Mac with Panda Mac App

Starting with Mac OS Yosemite 10.10, Apple introduced a new dark theme feature in their popular operating system. This dark mode has stayed in the later versions of macOS too. In order to change the system theme to dark mode or to the light mode, the user has to open first the system preferences and from there the changes are made.

But with the help of the Panda Mac App we can quickly switch between the dark or light themes/modes on Mac right from the status bar. As we launch Panda Mac App, it sticks an icon in the status bar. We can right-click on this icon to view more options, preferences etc. From here we can make it reset dark mode settings (which makes all the Panda Mac App settings return to the default values), automatically switch the theme depending on the system time, and there is also an option to check for updates.

Panda Dark Light Mode for Mac

In the preferences for the Panda Mac App, we can set the time range for a day between which the dark mode or the light mode become active. We can simply change the time at which dark theme is automatically set and the time at which the light theme is applied once again. We can choose to auto-start Panda Mac App as soon as the users login to their account which is a good idea if you decide to use this app regularly.

Panda Dark Light Mode for Mac

This app is not available in the Apple App Store. It has to be downloaded from its GitHub webpage. In order to run this app, you have to open System PreferencesSecurity & Privacy and then choose to allow the Panda Mac App from there. As soon as this is done, the app will appear both in the status bar and the dock.

Panda Mac App can be downloaded from https://github.com/pablosproject/Panda-Mac-app/releases.