Use Mouse Gestures in Chrome Browser with CrxMouse Extension

CrxMouse Chrome Gestures is an extension for the Chrome web browser that helps us use our mouse to control various actions in the web browser. It offers many advanced settings and comes with some of the built-in gestures. We can also add our own custom gestures and associate various actions with those gestures.

In the options for CrxMouse Gestures, we can enable many different types of gestures – mouse gestures, super drag, scrolling, wheel gestures and rocker gestures. There are options that limit how the gestures are drawn, for example, timeout for drawing gestures and minimum length for drawing the gestures.

It also comes with many beautiful mouse cursor images that can replace the usual pointer image that is used to display the mouse cursor on your screen. The cursor pictures contain watermelon, cheese, rocket, swords, dinosaur, fliers and more.

CrxMouse Gestures for Chrome

It comes with sixteen gestures already added and enabled. These gestures can be used to send the browser back in the history, forward, scroll up a page, scroll down a web page, close a tab, reopen a recently closed tab, scroll a page to the very bottom, scroll up a webpage to the top, reload a webpage, force reload a webpage, open a new window, close a browser window, switch to the next tab on the left or right, and open the CrxMouse settings.

CrxMouse Gestures for Chrome

CrxMouse comes with special type of gestures called drag gestures. We can drag a text, image, link or text inside a text-box to carry out certain special tasks. When we drag some text to the left or right, it searches for that text in the default search engine. When we drag a text down, it copies the text to the clipboard. Dragging an image down will save the image to the local storage. Similarly, dragging a link down will copy the link text and dragging a link to the up will copy the URL.

CrxMouse Gestures for Chrome

CrxMouse Gestures can really help Chrome users more productive at work. It comes with many different types of gestures and allows us to add our own gestures with various actions.

You can get the CrxMouse Gestures extension for Chrome from