Zettlr : Free Markdown Editor for All Platforms

Zettlr is an open-source markdown editor that works across all the platforms. It is actually an Electron based app that has all the basic features that one can find in other word processors like Microsoft Word. Despite all the editing features, Zettlr is only 85 megabytes and does not necessarily require installation on your computer.

Markdown editor with neat interface

Zettlr’s user interface is clutter free and offers all the text-formatting tools through the toolbar, just like in any other editor. You can add headings of different sizes, make your text bold or italic, enter code or comment, add links and insert images. You can also insert all sorts of lists, blockquotes, tables, footnotes and more.

Built-in pomodoro timer

It comes with a small pomodoro timer that can be used for making the most of your time. This pomodoro timer has three numbers in different colors. The red color number indicates the number of working minutes, yellow color minutes are for taking a break, and green colored minutes are for the duration of the each break.


Export documents to PDF, ODT or DOCX

Zettlr works with MD files (short for mark-down). Any new file you create will be saved as an MD file. But it supports exporting all the markdown files into a number of popular file formats such as HTML, RTF, TEX, TXT, DOCX, PDF, ODT, rST, ORG, Bdl and Pck. The DOCX files created using Zettlr can be opened in Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer.

Zettlr can also be used for organizing the documents and managing different documents in proper order. This is useful when you are working with a large project containing multiple documents such as books, novels or documentations.


Distraction free writing

It comes with many features that aid serious disturbance free writing. It has a typewriter mode that focuses only on the line that you are currently writing – just like in the old typewriters. It can be switched to the full-screen mode. And it has a distraction-free mode that makes everything on your screen a little opaque except the line that you are writing.

You can download Zettlr from https://www.zettlr.com/.