JR Screen Ruler : Measure Anything on PC Screen

JR Screen Ruler is a small and portable Windows application using which we can measure anything that appears on the PC screen. Whether it is a dimensions of a photo or the measurements of an object, we can accurately measure everything using this virtual ruler.

JR Screen Ruler can measure objects in various different units such as pixels, inches, centimeters, and picas. When launched for the very first time, it uses the pixels unit for measurement. But we can right-click on the ruler and choose any other measurement units. The markings on the ruler change immediately.

In order to measure using JR Ruler, we have to exactly the same as we would do with a real physical ruler that we all have used in high school. We have to first place the 0 marking to one end of the object being measure and then move the mouse cursor on the ruler to the other end. It will display the realtime measurements as we move the cursor. It also displays the PPI (pixels per inch) value of our display in Windows.

JR Ruler

The ruler can be flipped vertically or horizontally so that we can measure anything in these directions. There is no custom angle rotation available. But there is a workaround for that – we can capture the screen, save the screenshot to an image file, open this screenshot image in any image editor like IrfanView or Paint.net, and finally rotate the image in such a way that we can use ruler to measure the portions correctly.

JR Ruler

The ruler can be set to align with the top or the left edges of the PC screen using a feature called “slide to zero”. This is useful if we are measuring something being displayed in the full-screen mode.

JR Screen Ruler is a small useful tool that is great when we want to be pixel perfect before printing our documents and designs. We can measure every little detail using this virtual ruler.

You can download JR Screen Ruler from http://www.spadixbd.com/freetools/jruler.htm.