Listen to Online Radio Stations in Chrome Browser

There are thousands of online radio stations available today. These radio stations serve different locations all over the world and we can listen to programs from a wide variety of genres such as music, comedy, talk, news and more.

Usually, we need a special software or an app in order to listen to these radio stations. But if you are using the Google Chrome web browser, then you can quickly listen to many of these stations just by installing an extension called Online Radio.

After installing the “Online Radio” extension in your Chrome web browser, it places an icon in the omnibar. We can click on this radio icon and select one of the available radio stations from the list and it will immediately start streaming live radio stations in your browser.

Online Radio in Chrome

The radio player extension is pretty basic and does not offer many features except a volume control. It does not offer any equalizer. If you like a radio station, then you can add it to your favorites list. Among the extension options,  you can add radio stations to the list by adding their URL, you can import radio stations list, or even export it to a text file. It also supports hotkeys that can be used to control the radio station playback, change the radio station back and forth.

Online Radio in Chrome

While “Online Radio” extension is very simple and easy to use, it also has some drawbacks. For example, most of the radio stations available in this extension are Russian which could be a problem if you do not understand the Russian language. But if you are a students studying Russian language , then this is going to be a great asset for you. Even though we can add our own radio stations, nobody is going to try it as there are many more similar extensions available that feature hundreds of English radio stations.

You can download Online Radio extension for Chrome web browser from