AlephNote : Note Taking App with Cloud Backup

AlephNote is a note taking application for Windows desktop computers. It comes with support for various cloud based note backup servers such as SimpleNote, Nextcloud and Standard Notes. It also supports plugins for extra functionality as well as themes for changing the colors used in displaying the saved notes.

When we launch AlephNote for the very first time, it pops up a window asking as to add or create a new account. We can choose a cloud based note backend such as SimpleNote or we can use the local file system for saving the notes. We picked the local filesystem for testing as it is quicker than the rest.


The next step involves an initial syncing with the backend that we have selected. This step ensures that we have done the setup correctly and there is not going to be any problems later on. For completing this step, we can just click on the Synchronize button. A number of green squares will indicate that everything was okay. If these squares are not green, we cannot proceed to the next step which is clicking on the OK button.


Once you have added one of the backends, you are taken to the main Alephnote interface where we can start adding, creating and saving new notes. Each note is given a title and we can have only text content in the notes. Using the quick insertion features, we can insert current date & time, emails, clickable links, link to local file, hyperlinks and more.


AlephNote offers many more features that make note taking a pleasure for everyone. It has interactive highlighting of to-do lists, configuring and creating shortcuts, and access to read-only mode. We can use AlephNote for storing any kinds of notes such as grocery lists, project notes, instructions for fixing something to an interesting recipe.

You can download AlephNote from