Epic Games Store Giveaway : The Fall

Epic games store is giving away yet another game this week. This time the giveaway includes a side-scrolling action adventure game called The Fall. The story-line of this game is very interesting and the fans of the Alien series of movies will definitely love it. In fact, it resembles a lot like the Alien: Covenant movie from the series that was released in 2017.

In “The Fall” you are not human but an artificial intelligence entity called ARID (autonomous robotic interface device) designed to aid and protect the human. You are part of the space suit that human wear when going to space missions. During a very long space voyage, there was an accident and the spaceship fell on a planet that was not its original destination. The spaceship pilot has not waken up from deep cryogenic sleep but you have woken up. Now it is your job to protect your human pilot while dealing with the new and strange dangers on a stranger planet. You have to bypass your usual protocols and proceed with a novel approach.

The Fall Overthemoon

As you explore new territories on this new planet, you will come across dangers when you have to use your laser to keep the threats away. Since everything is dark, you will have to use your flashlight to explore everything. It will take you through a number of puzzles that must be solved to proceed any further.

The game was originally released in 2017 and has very modest requirements. On a Windows PC, you need only 3GB of RAM and a 2.5 GHz processor for it to run. It can also be played on Mac running macOS 10.6 and above. Even though the game can also be played on Linux, it is not being given away in this event.

You can grab a free copy of “The Fall” by visiting https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/the-fall.